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Our Commitment

At CALLYS, we strongly believe in doing things the right way, for the good of the earth and of everyone.


Une Promesse d'Excellence

Products made in Switzerland have a worldwide reputation for superior quality, precision and effectiveness. For a cosmetic product to carry the Swiss flag prominently on its packaging, very specific standards must be met.

CALLYS proudly displays the "Swiss made" emblem, the white cross on a red background, guaranteeing authenticity and excellence.


No Compromise on Quality.

Our Values

We believe that everyone deserves healthy, beautiful skin.

Using only natural active ingredients and water-based formulations, we deliver clean, effective compounds deep into the skin for optimal results.

Innovation is also one of our founding values. Innovation is essential because beauty is a never-ending quest that demands an ever higher level of performance.

Always wanting to push the boundaries of knowledge means discovering new ways to create truly different and surprising products.

We make it a point to create effective, clean and natural skincare products for the good of the earth and of everyone.